December 2, 2016

Arson fire at North Side High School

Two fires were set at North Side High School.

Photo courtesy of Clint Bond.

Two fires were set at North Side High School.

Two fires were set over night at Fort Worth’s North Side High School, according to a Fort Worth ISD press release.

A District vendor was on site Friday morning to clean the smoke damage to allow students to return to their normal classrooms.

The press release said the person responsible set fire to a lawnmower outside of the school then entered the high school and set a second fire in the basement where most first-year classes are held.

The person responsible for the fires have not been identified.

No one was injured in the fires and there was no resulting structural damage to the school.

The school principal notified parents of the arson and that school would not be cancelled.

We’ll be updating this story as the arson fire details continue to develop.

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