Rap for the soul

Therron Coleman, better known as Wrex, is a Fort Worth rapper working to change the landscape of the city’s hip-hop scene.

Influenced by eastern philosophies, Wrex uses his rapping to empower and encourage people to open their minds.

“Inhale, exhale. You need to breathe and close your eyes so you can see,” said Wrex in the featured song on his latest album, “Chakra Flow.”

Wrex’s music producer and owner of Global One Entertainment, Paul Gordon, said that the modern day hip-hop lacks a message it once had.

“A lot of hip-hop is ego driven, you know? Look what I got, look at my cars, look at my chains. No, he’s on another level,” said Gordon.

Wrex found his belief system after dealing with depression as a child.

“I had a hard childhood and I always searched for a way to relieve the inner conflict I had,” said Wrex. “Internal conflict is something you don’t learn how to deal with in school.”

Wrex’s long-time friend and fellow rapper, Drew McCollough or Dru B Shinin’, said that Wrex has always stood out as a strong artist.

“We used to do this thing on the west side of Fort Worth called, “West Side Wednesdays” where I would try to get all the MC’s from that side of town to come to my friend’s house and we would record raps,” said McCollough. “Wrex stood out as the best so we’ve been working together ever since.”

Wrex said he hopes to spread harmony in Fort Worth by connecting all classes and ethnicities from any walk of life.

“I just want to try to make sure that we are all relatable and that we can see a common thread between people,” said Wrex.

Wrex plans to release a new album this year and expand his art to reach a global audience but doesn’t measure his success on the validation of money or fame.

“The music is not thirsty. You know how people say ‘thirsty’? The music is not thirsty. It is what it is, now,” said McCollough.