The 109 is a student-run, hyperlocal news organization focused on southwest Fort Worth, Texas. It’s run by Texas Christian University student journalists and volunteers. Our name comes from the ZIP code where we’re based, 76109. In addition to everything within our zip code, we also cover news and events in areas that affect the people who live in the 109 including downtown, the cultural district and Fort Worth’s Near South Side. By doing this, we aim to be a resource for everyone both inside and out of in the community where we live.

Meet our editors:

Shane Battis : Executive Editor

Shane Battis

Executive Editor

Shane is a junior journalism major and criminal justice minor--- formerly Spanish minor (RIP). He can be found exploring Fort Worth with his buddies in his spare time, as well as when he really should be studying.

Hunter Geisel : Managing Editor

Hunter Geisel

Managing Editor

Haley Harrison : Line Editor

Haley Harrison

Line Editor

Kayley Ryan : Line Editor

Kayley Ryan

Line Editor